Plastic surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery is a surgical specialty designed for improving a person’s appearance, body shaping and organ reconstruction. The technological advances in the field of plastic surgery enable performance of treatments in any field of esthetic medicine, with minimal invasiveness and maximal results.

The surgeons offer a broad variety of surgical procedures, including tissue reconstruction, e.g. breast reconstruction, reconstruction and repair of congenital defects (cleft palate, hypospadias, auricular defects) etc.

Esthetic surgery procedures for body shaping  include facial operations (forehead lift, nose surgery [Rhinoplasty], ear shaping and reconstruction [otoplasty], skin peeling using advanced techniques), breast operations, abdominal lift, liposuction, repair of skin scars and cuts.

In addition, you can choose from a broad variety of conservative esthetic operations, such as injection of cosmetic fillers and Botox



Breast augmentation, breast reduction and mastoplexy (breast lift) are available utilizing a wide range of techniques. A team of highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons consult directly with patients to ensure the most effective treatment to achieve the desired look, with optimal results and recovery times.
Rhytidectomy, or face lift, is also performed regularly, for men and women usually in the 40 to 65 age group. There are a number of face lift techniques, and the suitable procedure will depend on the condition of the patient’s skin, bone structure, and the desired result. The operation may also involve the skin of the neck.
Blepharoplasty, or eye lift, removes excess fat and tissue from around the eyes, and also supplements the muscles and tendons in the area. The procedure may involve the eyelid, the area beneath the eye and also the eyebrow and forehead.
Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, is a common procedure to reshape the nose and improve facial appearance. The operation is conducted on people over the age of 16. As it is performed via the nostrils, Rhinoplasty does not leave external scars and recovery is fast.
Otoplasty is a procedure that changes the external positioning of the ears for a more aesthetic look. There are a number of different techniques and the appropriate one will be determined by the patient’s ear shape and position, and the desired result. For example, ear pinning involves bringing the ears closer to the head, while very large ears can be reduced in size. Other reshaping techniques involve bending and repositioning of ear cartilage.

*Cleft palate repair

*Skin grafts

*Fat suction