A visit to Nazareth is an unforgettable experience. Explore the old city’s narrow passageways and its historical and religious sites, smell the wonderful different scents of spices and taste the special food and sweets of the old eastern market. Walk through the many stores offering wonderful souvenirs and merchandise  and much more…

Nazareth is not a place for a visit to just one church – or even several churches – no matter how celebrated. Christian visitors will want to see all the historic sites in the city and to soak up the atmosphere of the place that shaped Jesus’ character. They will want to walk through the quaint lanes, visit the markets, meet local residents, and see Nazareth Village, a re-creation of Nazareth and its culture as Jesus would have known it. A visit should consist of more than just a two-hour tour of the Old City; Nazareth merits a stay of several days if it is to be fully appreciated.

Nazareth offers a wide range of accommodation. There are hotels ranging from three to five stars, two monasteries high on the ridge above the city that have been converted into guest houses, and hostels in the Old Market that offer budget accommodation in spectacular surroundings.

Nazareth is not just another city – it is a priceless international asset, part of humanity’s history and heritage.

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