Summing up Jerusalem isn’t an easy thing to do. How does one describe a location with 7,000 years of history? How can simple words illustrate the importance of this city to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths? How can we express the incredible number of sites, museums and culture ?

Because of this, Jerusalem must really be seen to be believed. From the top of the Mount of Olives to the depths of the Western Wall Tunnels, you’ll be surrounded in history and culture every time you turn a corner.

One of the fascinating things about Jerusalem is that you can take your bible and use it as a guide book! Here are just a few of the main holy sites, broken down by faith:







However, there are many other sites to see as well, such as:

             The Old City – a labyrinth of passages and alleyways divided into four quarters: Jewish, Muslim, Christian & Armenian


Jerusalem is not just about history and religion. The city also offers:


  • Fantastic hotels – everything from 5-star luxury to intimate bed & breakfasts
  • Fine dining – a multitude of dining experiences are available
  • Events and festivals– music, art, dance and cultural festivals take place all year round
  • Nightlife – dance clubs, jazz clubs and even places that call themselves “hipster dives”

All in all, a visit to Jerusalem will treat your mind, heart and soul to an experience you will never forget.