About Us

IIMedCare offers door-to-door healthcare solutions: personalized healthcare programs in Israel and elsewhere at a level consistent with the world’s best.

Why compromise on the quality of healthcare available to you?

IIMedCare is a healthcare provider of  highly skilled team of medical professionals with many years of experience and high reputation in the field.
We work with the full spectrum of health-related institutions and medical professionals operating in Israel.

we have the resources, connections and experience to identify and access the best doctors and surgeons in Israel.

We have no borders… when necessary our territory extends globally. We work internationally with the best medical sources wherever they are located.

Our philosophy

IIMedCare places today’s most advanced medical technologies within your reach. We provide access to innovative surgeries, treatments and diagnostic procedures, in all fields of medicine.

We are dedicated to a cost – saving philosophy where program duration is kept to a minimum, and where built-in features, like reduced travel and medication costs, come directly from the source.

Our mission is to free patients and their families from stress and uncertainty.

For every patient, an individually tailored solution is researched and developed to respond to his particular needs. We work on a non-committed basis with all the medical centers and hospitals in Israel, so unlike other agents that are committed to work with a certain hospital, we have the ability to match patients with the perfect specialist for their medical problem. Our reach extends beyond just Israel – we are not influenced by constraints of the doctor’s place of work!

We have agreements with all of Israel’s leading public hospitals and private medical centers to provide the best treatment available, with 5 star facilities and quality service.

Our  services begin in your home. From your first contact with our office, we will accompany you all the way, from preparation and departure through to your treatment in Israel  and until we return you home healthy and happy.

Our staff serves each patient in his or her native language.

We provide full transparency to the patient, safety, trust and reliability, very short response time and the highest degree of medical care.

All these factors help in making treatment and recovery easier for the patient, in a warm and supportive environment.

IIMedCare has proven its reliability, efficiency and professionalism by taking care of many patients.