Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Second Opinion Consultation

Avoid a medical mistake; empower yourself and obtain peace of mind.
After getting a first opinion, before you do anything, get a second opinion.

If you have been diagnosed with a critical condition, or if you have any kind of medical problem or query, we invite you to apply for a review by top qualified specialists from Israeli hospitals to obtain a reliable, professional and independent second medical opinion so you can make an informed decision about your treatment.

Why get a second opinion in Israel?

*It is close to Jordan, within 1.5 hours drive from Amman; you simply cross the bridge and arrive in Jerusalem.

*Israel offers innovative medical knowledge and medical equipment.

*We offer new and advanced medications.

*We will personally escort you throughout the process, including pre and post assessment and management, visa issuance, organization of travel arrangements and handling of medical records.

*The prices charged by professors at the top of their respective fields are reasonable and vary from $400 to $800 per consultation.

*It is helpful to receive information on different treatment options available and an alternative perspective on your medical situation.

Many patients are misdiagnosed, mistreated or receive the wrong medications. If your health is important for you, we urge you to get a second opinion in Israel.

To proceed, please contact us or send your medical report.