Why in Israel

Why in Israel

Israel today is  uniquely positioned to offer excellent medical value to patients from every corner of the globe. The concept of medical tourism in Israel blends the country’s worldwide reputation for high quality physicians, advanced surgical treatments, attractive pricing, luxurious 5- stars hospitals, quick response time and a beautiful Mediterranean holiday in the Holy land.

Israel offers:

World class academic standards
Israel’s academic and teaching institutions are universally recognized for their high levels of achievement and for the exemplary training of its doctors. Israel today, has one of the world’s highest percentage of doctors on a per capita basis. Furthermore, Israeli doctors evidence high visibility in the international arena, as lecturers at medical schools and hospitals, as visiting experts or presenting papers at international conferences.

World famous inventions
Israel is distinguished by institutions of research and higher learning that have achieved global acclaim. These include the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, as well as major facilities in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Researchers in these laboratories have developed many inventions to help fight diseases and illnesses. Several Israeli doctors have won Nobel Prizes in medicine.
The use of modern technologies, techniques and devices minimizes both the duration of the surgery and the recovery period, adding to the patient’s quality of life.

Full support system
Israel has an expanding network of ultra-modern hospitals and medical centers that are either privately financed or state owned. Well staffed and fully equipped, these facilities are highly efficient and among the most advanced in the world. They have the capabilities to respond to the complex needs of modern medicine from initial diagnosis, hospitalization, post-operative intensive care and physiotherapy, through to patient rehabilitation.

Excellent cost value
Israel’s offers world- class medical professionals and healthcare solutions for less  than any comparable environment with almost no waiting time.
Israel’s medical expertise and institutions are comparable to those of the USA and Europe. However, the cost of living and salaries in Israel are considerably lower than those countries, resulting in reduced medical costs and services without any reduction in the quality of service.

A Welcoming Environment
IIMedcare provides translators and language support in almost any language required.Personal escorts speaking your language will accompany you throughout the whole process.
Even before the patient arrives, every aspect of the treatment is arranged to the highest professional standards in the medical industry. 

One of The World’s Finest Health Care Infrastructures
Israel’s health care infrastructure is internationally recognized as one of the world’s finest.
Healthcare in Israel is founded on the philosophy that everyone is entitled to superior treatment at an affordable cost.
Consequently, the system in Israel has been a source of pride since the establishment of the state. Huge investments in equipment and training resources serve to maintain quality and service while keeping pace with today’s most advanced technologies.