Coblation operation for nasal problems and sinuses.


Every fifth person in the world suffers from nasal problems. These problems can be expressed by nasal obstruction, runny nose or sinusitis.

It is very important to breath through the nose. The air that flows to the lungs through  the nose is more clean, more hot and more humid compared with  the air inhaled from the mouth.
At night, sleeping will be more efficient also if you are breathing through the nose. free air passage in the nose is very important to your quality of life, 24 hours a day.
The nasal mucosa is responsible that the air that we inhale to the lungs will be clean, humid and warm.
When the nasal mucosa is not functioning well, it swells, and blocks the flow of air in the nose, the sinus drainage and the nose starts to be runny all the time.
When the nasal mucosa meets some allergenic particles  that are in the air due to air pollution, it stimulates all these problems of nasal obstruction and sinusitis.
People that suffers from hay fever, or allergy to dust or mold also suffer from swollen mucosa.

In the picture below we see the anatomical structure of the nose. The nose is built from septums that are called turbinates. They are covered by the mucosa. 

You can see that when the mucosa is swollen enough, it blocks the free air flow in the nostril.
The picture below shows different stages of swollen mucosa

In this picture, you can see  a runny nose due to sick mucosa.



Medications or spray have been proved as ineffective. Until recent years there was no efficient treatment for nasal mucosa, and even after surgical treatment, the improvement was temporary, and the mucosa was growing again and becoming  sick.
Lately, a new treatment was developed. It is called coblation.
This innovative surgery uses the energy of  water



This technique enables to peel the sick mucosa  and creates fibrosis that causes the new growing mucosa to stick to the sides of the nostrils without being able to get swollen again.
In the pictures below you can see the nasal mucosa before and after the coblation treatment.



The operation is short, takes 30 minutes, very safe and with no complications at all.
Within few hours, you can return to normal activities.

Another problem that the sick mucosa causes is sinus infection.
When the nasal mucosa gets swollen it blocks the sinuses drainages. In the picture below you can see the anatomy of the sinuses.


The next picture shows what happen when the sinuses drainage is blocked by a swollen mucosa. The sinuses are draining to a small area inside the nose, and when this area is blockes, nasal sinusitis occurs.


Here, also, medications don’t really help, and a surgery needs to be done.
This kind of operation shows the best results when coblation technique is being used.
In the surgery, we open with coblatin the blocking drainage by peeling the  sick mucosa.
Again, the operation is short, without any complications.
Sick sinuses, before operation:


     After operation     


   Sometimes the mucosa is so swollen, that nasal polyposis occur.



The polyposis must be removed so the patient will be able to breath well through the nose. With coblation technique, when you remove the polyposis and create a fibrosis in the turbinates, the chance they will reappear is significantly low comparing to the old techniques of this kind of operation.  
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