orthokine has the answer for all joints pain including back pain.

With a simple treatment of 4-6 injections, without operation and with 80% success you can forget your pain!!!


Your body’s own help for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is usually a symptom of age, but you should not accept it…
At the age of 55 and beyond every second person complains about painful joints. Sometimes even younger people may suffer from Osteoarthritis. Mostly hips and knees are affected. Osteoarthritis has many causes. Factors such as genetic predisposition, overweight and intensive load at work or sports play a significant role. Pain and reduced joint mobility are the most common symptoms.

Today, the biological causes of osteoarthritis are much better understood. It is not just mechanical cartilage wear but a complex disease that may affect anybody. The aggressive messenger protein interleukin-1 (IL-1) plays a pivotal role in the development of Osteoarthritis. It stimulates joint inflammation. Although sometimes imperceptible, chronic joint inflammation results in joint pain and cartilage destruction.
Protective messengers (protective proteins) protect the cartilage.

Orthokine induces your own natural, autologous, protective messenger proteins.


How does the Orthokine therapy work?

Blood is aspirated from your vein with special syringe.
Incubation of the blood filled syringes at body temperature (37 c). protective proteins are being synthesized.
“Autologous Conditioned Serum” : blood serum with newly formed protective proteins is separated from the blood clot.
1-2 times per week you receive an injection into the joint or to the inflamed nerve.
Back pain treatment consists of up to 4 local injections, while joint treatment may require up to 6 injections.

The biological antagonist of IL-1 is ideal for a gentle and natural Osteoarthritis injection therapy. Messenger proteins (like IL-1) are substances warning the cells about injury or infection. The body reacts by inflammation. If this inflammation does not subside after a few days it may become chronic. This is often the cause in osteoarthritis and chronic back pain. The function of the protective massengers like IL-1 Ra (protective protein) is to stop the inflammation. It displaces the aggressive IL-1 and has a pain reducing, anti-inflammatory and cartilage protecting effect.

The Orthokine therapy takes advantage of this. The protective protein, IL-1Ra, is a natural component of your blood. It is increased concomitantly with several other protective messengers during incubation. The emerging conditioned blood serum is prepared and will be injected into the affected joint.

Since 1997 patients have been treated successfully with the Orthokine therapy. In studies Orthokine conditioned serum improves joint pain and joint function. The continuing process of cartilage destruction in the joint is slowed. This also applies for the joints of the spine.


Back pain

Orthokine conditioned serum also treats back pain.
Back pain is the most common reason for consultation. Often slipped disc or disc protusion are the cause. Pressure on the nerve causes inflammation, and pain is the result (“scatia”). The Orthokine therapy can successfully fight inflammation localy. It can relieve pain as well as improve the nerve damage.

The treatment is absolutely natural, 100% autologous and is clinically proven.

The orthokine therapy works not only for joint pain but for muscle and tendon injuries as well.


The advantages of Orthokine therapy:

No side effects
Based on your own blood. It is a natural steroid so it can be injected to everybody.
Reduces significantly the pain
Stops the infection in the joint
Increases the joint mobility
Focuses on the painful area only


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